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Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. is a diversified holding corporation that owns various businesses, parts thereof, or joint ventures which it will assist grow with the intention of releasing the majority to the Company's shareholders upon sufficient development. Visit the website at




The Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.

196 West Ashland

Doylestown, PA  18901

(267) 864-7737

(267) 371-5168  facsimile

Joanna Chmielewska- President-Secretary-Treasurer-Sole Director

Andy William-Vice President-Chief Operating Officer

Sergio Alejandro-Director-Accredited Suppliers Corp

Rebecca Torres-Director-Accredited Suppliers Corp


Contadores Publicos Autorizados

Direccion Rubenia C-28

Apartado 1488

(Managua, Nicaragua)

Telefono: (+505) 22222198 - 22663124

Fax: (+505) 22223031

Our President is

in the United Kingdom. Our Vice President is presently located in Central

America handling the Richwood, Envirocare, and Costa Rica projects. The

directors of our subsidiary, Accredited Suppliers, are located in

Guatemala and Nicaragua.

We have other part time staff members in Central America, Canada, the

United Kingdom, Serbia, Montenegro, and the United States.


Most of our operations will be out of the United States.

Twitter / accreditedbiz


Registered No.06137710- My Pleasure Limited [investors]




Type: Private Limited with share capital

Incorporation Date: 05-03-2007

Status: Active

Last Accounts Filed up to: 31-03-2008

Nature of business SIC: 99000 - Extra-territorial organisations and bodies




Action Stock Transfer Corp.

7069 S. Highland Dr., Suite 300

Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Office - (801) 274-1088

























Grupo Accredited RAC,S.A.

Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. to Form Central American Vehicle Rental Franchise

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., April 23, 2010


Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. (Pink Sheets:ACDU) today announced that it entered a definitive agreement to create a vehicle and equipment rental company in Central America.

The Company directed its attorneys to form a Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, and Panamaniancorporation known as Grupo Accredited RAC, S.A. Concurrently, a corporation in Pennsylvania will be         formed to hold the shares of the foreign enterprises.

The Company believes the Pennsylvania holding corporation will be completed in ten days and the foreign corporations within four to six weeks. The first office will be in Managua. "We have preliminary agreements in place with several hotels to offer affordable car rentals to their guests with no hidden charges," said Denis Soto, who will be named Vice President of Accredited RAC.In Central America, car rental companies advertise low car rates while deceptively forcing clients to purchase insurance products that are not needed. "Every car rental company in Central America charges their client $12.00 per day for something called Additional Liability Insurance while the rental company maintains the absolute minimum amount of insurance required by law and pays less than $100.00 per car in annual liability insurance costs," Soto explained.  "We'll be upfront and honest, yet we'll provide a fair commission to travel agents and hotels. We believe the word will spread quickly," Soto added

The Company presently has an arrangement to lease a beginning fleet of 35 in Nicaragua. In addition, My Pleasure Ltd. will be providing funding to purchase diesel generators, trailers, and other equipment that can be leased. "We'll rent more than cars," Soto said.

This is not an offer to sell securities. Statements made are forward-looking subject to risks and uncertainties. Statements included are made on the date hereof. The company undertakes no obligation to update such statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. Results could differ materially from anticipated results. Pay careful attention to all announcements and filings





"This pass through corporation will enable Accredited Suppliers Corp. to legally collect taxes and maintain auditable books in Nicaragua," Andy William, Vice President of Accredited Suppliers Corp. said.

The use of the local subThe Nicaraguan subsidiary is over 97% owned by Accredited Suppliers Corp. The remaining 3% of the company is owned by the local directors of the enterprize

subsidiary will not alter the Company's plan to file a registration statement for Accredited Suppliers Corp. and subsequently divest the company for the benefit of its shareholders

.Accredited Business Development Corporation


"The purpose of our new subsidiary, which will be able to raise capital on the markets after a registration statement is filed, is to invest in smaller companies that provide unique opportunities to us. The structure of this new enterprise will allow the regulatory flexibility found in the Investment Company Act," Joanna Chmielewska, President of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp., said.

Accredited Business Development Company's investments will be diversified in nature including investments into franchise operations, office supply stores, and computer supply stores in developing nations.

 Accredited Consolidators Europe PLC


Accredited Consolidators Europe PLC is a United Kingdom Public Limited Company.  It's business model will mirror that of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. in the United States, but it will be focused on Eastern European investments and on investments that may be subject to regulatory scrutiny in the United States.

ACE presently maintains 5,000,000 shares with 4,000,000 of them belonging to Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.  It is planned to spin off 35% of the shares to the common shareholders of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. in mid-December 2009 or early January 2010.

Accredited Consolidators Europe PLC maintains its offices and registered agent at 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire RG7 8NN, United Kingdom.

Accredited Suppliers Corporation (ASC)


 ACDU received notification from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State that Accredited Suppliers Corp. was accepted as a domestic corporation.  This registration allows the company's  subsidiary to begin its business model of exporting auto parts and printing supplies to Central America.  Accredited Suppliers Corp. Share issued 999,999,999. ACDU owns 80% (800,000,000).

Accredited Hospitality Group, Inc. ~ Paperwork submitted for a domestic corporation.


Accredited Hospitality Group, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ACDU, invested in an undisclosed holding corporation that purchased a small hotel. The hotel plans to conduct a public offering to raise capital to build a new complex consisting of modern rooms, a storage facility, a safe deposit box facility, Laundromat, internet café, and business center


After the filing of the registration statement, AHG may choose to divest itself by dividend of the interest in the corporation since it will not be majority controlled by ACDU. It may also offer ACDU shareholders to be the first persons authorized to participate in the public offering depending on an opinion from legal counsel

Accredited Business Financial, Inc.


 Accredited Business Financial , Inc., Accredited Business International Inc., Accredited Business Intellectual Property Corp., Accredited Business Technologies, Inc., Accredited Business Travel & Entertainment Corp., remain holding subsidiaries that presently have no revenue and are not planned for divestiture

 Accredited Business Intellectual Property Corp.


Accredited Business Intellectual Property Corp.

manages the intellectual property assets for the corporation including its patents, trademarks, and domain names.

Owns 80% of Domain Management which holds the Costa Rica domain names (see below)

Owns 45% of Telecom Tools, Inc., which is creating a patent for a telephone tool modification.

 Accredited Business International, Inc.


Accredited Business International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp., manages the international holdings of the parent corporation.


Owns over 80% of the common stock of Richwood Eco Ventures, Inc.

 Accredited Business Technologies, Inc.


Accredited Business Technologies, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.

IOT engages in business ventures that focus on electronics, telecommunications, and technology based products.

IOT received a wholesale license from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that will enable to to functually compete in the marketplace.

IOT is an authorized distributor of Acer Computers.

 Accredited Business Travel & Entertainment Corp.


Accredited Business Travel & Entertainment Corp.

is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.

The Company's intent is to become a full corporate travel agency with an online presence.

IOTE is a member of the Outside Sales Support Network and the Travelers Retailers Universal Enumeration, having been assigned an identification number of 52427524. Assigned number is verifiable

IOTE may provide its clients with discounted hotel rooms through its relationship with CCRA International Inc. (

Providing content on in association with American Express subsidiary Travel Impressions

Working on locating a partner for

Travel packages can be viewed at

Telecom Tools, Inc.

Accredited Business Intellectual Property Corp. owns 45% of Telecom Tools, Inc.

TTI is in the process of applying for patents relating to certain tool modifications that can be used in the telecommunications industry.  Once TTI's patents are filed, additional information will be released and the Company will move forward with marketing the products.

TTI is 45% owned by Accredited Business Intellectual Property Inc. (Of the 999,999,999 authorized shares, Accredited Business Intellectual Property Corp. owns 450,000,000 of them).


 Bankruptcy Claims Fund, Inc: BCF


Bankruptcy Claims Fund, Inc.: Therefore, ACDU made the decision to sell its Capital Trust shares on the open market at a loss of approximately 10% from its original investment. The company liquidated all of its Capital Trust shares on March 29 and March 30, 2010, and realized approximately $72,000.00 in cash. The Company realizes that it may have been able to sell the shares sometime in the future without taking a loss and could possibly have achieved a profit due to the sporadic trading of the Capital Trust shares on the open market. Nevertheless, the Company made the choice to liquidate the shares immediately without regard to the potential for a slight profit.



 Envirocare Corporation


Envirocare Corporation is 80% owned by Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.

Envirocare Corporation is currently exploring opportunities relating to environmentally friendly building supplies.

Envirocare Corp. terminated its negotiations with Green World Crete Inc. relating to a potential joint venture in Nicaragua to build a plant to produce enviromentally friendly building materials. The Company determined that it could not move forward with the venture due to the criminal history of Green World Crete's affiliates and the lack of an established product. Specifically, the Company's background investigation of Green World Crete revealed that Daniel Panitz was convicted of fraud while living in New York. In addition, federal agencies have barred Mr. Panitz from acting as a service provider in certain areas. Because of this, the Company's funding sources determined that it would be prudent to locate a different source of non or reduced Portland based cement. The Company is in final negotiations with several suppliers for a joint venture and intends to provide a release relating to its scope and direction within 14 days.

Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. Joins Calichi Sino Inc. Alliance to Offer Green Construction Products


DOYLESTOWN, Pa., April 26, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accredited Business Consolidators Corp., (Pink Sheets:ACDU), previously announced that its subsidiary, Envirocare Corp., was working on a business venture to sell environmentally friendly cementitious products that contain reduced Portland cement.

ACDU negotiated with multiple entities that offer green cementitious products. After a complete review, the Company determined that it would join an alliance between various professionals. The alliance formed a company, Calichi Sino Inc., to move forward with bringing green construction materials to market.

ACDU will not hold a control position in the new entity; rather, it will directly and indirectly own about 20% of the alliance. However, the scope of the alliance will be much broader than a green concrete plant in Nicaragua. Rather, CSI already began negotiations for multiple projects.

More importantly, the other members of the alliance include the creators of a green cement known as Zeobond. Zeobond's product, which is being produced and used in Australia, will be the starting point for CSI's offering. Additional members of the alliance include the founders of Harricrete Ltd. of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. Harricrete has extensive experience bringing cementitious products to market. Other participants in the alliance will be announced in the future as agreements are secured.

Over the next month, ACDU and the other alliance members of CSI will continue the process of finishing the exact share structure of the new entity. Thereafter, it will create a registration statement for CSI. CSI's Central Index Key number with the Securities and Exchange Commission is 0001489668. Shareholders are invited to review filings with the CIK code when they are released to be informed of further details.

ACDU believes its participation in CSI is an extraordinary opportunity as the alliance members are reputable and able to bring environmentally friendly building supplies to market. As stated, the alliance members are already offering green solutions to the construction industry and CSI will enhance the success of the numerous opportunities that will be presented through this venture

The Calichi Sino Inc. logo is available at






 Domain Management


Domain Management,an Accredited Business corporation, owns a series of high value .cr domain names.

90% owned by Accredited Business Intellectual Property

Some of the names in their portfolio include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Richwood Eco Ventures, Inc.




Accredited Business International owns over 80% of the capital stock of Richwood Eco Ventures, Inc.  REVI maintains a marketing partnership with ownership of capital stock in Rich Corporacion in Nicaragua.

More information about Rich Corporacion's products may be found at .  If your company is interested in purchasing wood products that were damaged by Hurricane Felix, please contact us immediately at .

Advisory Director:  Anker Struve

Number of shares authorized:  999,999,999

Number of shares owned by Italian Oven International:  800,000,000.

Issued SEC filing August 15, 2009, that it was acquiring common stock and entering marketing agreements with Rich Corporacion, S.A., which is a wood company in Nicaragua.

Caribbean Wood Products, Inc., of Naples, Florida, committed to purchase between six and ten containers of wood per month from Richwood Eco Ventures, Inc., beginning in January 2010. Depending on additional needs by Caribbean Wood Products and logistical considerations, orders may exceed the commitment. The relationship with Caribbean Wood Products will bring in estimated revenues to Richwood Eco Ventures in excess of $1,500,000.00 per year (Click Here for More Information).

Resolution issued to divest the Company's Richwood Eco Ventures Inc. subsidiary.  That is, for every share of ACDU, one share of Richwood Eco Ventures would be issued to the ACDU shareholder. The ex date will be set in the next three to six weeks (Click Here for More Information.


Richwood Factory

Soluciones Faciles, SA















Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. (Pink Sheets:  ACDU) owns 25% of Soluciones Faciles, S.A., a Costa Rican corporation.  SFSA presently provides short term payday or microloans to individuals and businesses in Costa Rica.

Marilyn Boutique (3-101-532180 Sociedad Anonima)















Accredited Business Consolidators Corp., through Accredited Business International, owns 25% of Marilyn Boutique (3-101-532180 S.A.).

Marilyn Boutique offers unique gothic, metal, Victorian, and vintage clothing in Costa Rica.

Marilyn Boutique recently moved to the San Pedro Mall in San Pedro, Costa Rica.


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