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Business Description



Wialan is a next generation telecommunication provider with a fast-track growth model. Their proprietary and patented internet platform boasts features that are superior for their market segment. Wialan has already established a track record of successful installations that include airports, municipalities, apartment buildings, parks, marinas and other. Among the Wialan unique features available are; real time live color videos streaming, and a public address system which can alert designated parties enabling early warning announcement and notifications.


Tim Peabody, CEO of Wialan, expects the movement to a public company will heighten their growth and development capabilities, which are poised for explosive growth over the next five years. The public company vehicle also enhances Wialan's ability to grow through synergistic acquisitions that are planned within the Wialan growth model.


Wialan Technologies Business models


Business Partners


This Wialan model is very simple, we offer our business partners the opportunity to concentrate in their core business not in running a wireless system which may be foreign to them, Wialan offer is to do just that for them. Wialan will provide the industrial equipment it manufactures, will provide the installation, maintenance and monitoring of the system, allowing the business owner to conduct the day to day business, for example: Marina manager can dedicate themselves to manage the slips and boat while Wialan provides the Wi Fi and video security for the entire facility, for hotels, they can manage the rooms and amenities, in turn Wialan will manage the Wi Fi for their customers, for parks, they can dedicate to Park duties, Wialan will manage the Wi Fi for the park goers, for municipalities they can manage the city, while Wialan manages the Wi Fi, so on and so on.


All this for a modest monthly fee, the monthly fee will allow the business owner not to ever worry about technology again, if the technology changes in the future, it will be Wialan\'s responsibility to upgrade the technology inside the Wialan boxes, the patented Wialan boxes were designed just to do that, to be field upgradeable since the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) is twenty years, the boxes can have many different technologies like 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.3 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 700 MHz or any other technology that the future has in the works for our society.


Partners Distributors


This model is even simpler, distributors get a hefty discount for the equipment from the factory on the condition that all expenses are footed by the distributor, this includes sales and marketing materials to provide seminars and training for the potential and existing customers. The distributor is also in charge of providing customer and technical support.  As a distributor you own the customer.


Partners Resellers


In this model the partner reseller gets a good discount, but works in conjunction with the factory to provide all that is needed to produce sales, in this case the factory and the reseller both own the customer and share responsibilities for customer and technical support.


Partners Agents


In this model the agent get a commission or a finders fee for bringing the customer to Wialan, Wialan owns the customer and provide customer and technical support to both the agent and the customer.


Other partner can tell us how they can work with Wialan


In this last model Wialan accepts legal and reasonable proposals for doing business together.






The development of WiFi networks for servicing communities has always been a very daunting task.  Given that business in the serviced communities may have their own wifi offering for their clients, and people use their own router/access points inside their houses to protect their internal networks, the environment is usually very noisy and all standard 2.4 channels are usually saturated.  Add to that the heterogeneous nature of the architecture of many of todays communities and the obstacle for clear wifi signal will be numerous.


This kind of project require very careful planning, but also, equipment that is able to cope with the unavoidable issues we mention before.  Wialan's WG-300-8 Hotspot and WG-300-8-8 Dual Radio will help you greatly mitigate those factors. With their embedded AMD Geode processor and 256MB of RAM memory, they provide a blackplane more than capable of handling the vast amount of wireless frames generated by the retransmission of unreliable transmissions.  Also, the Adaptive Radio technology will allow the radios in the units to adapt power and sensitivity parameters to acomodate from the closest and more powerful client devices to the farthest and weakest ones.


Also, for this deployments, Wialan's embedded captive portal allows a very simple and manageable implementation of free or user authenticated portal for the members of the community, so they agree to the terms of use the developer see fit or limit the access to undesired third parties.  The units software, via included QoS and bandwith shaper features,  allows the filtering of non convenient protocols such as Peer-to-Peer ones, that greatly reduce the bandwith of any implementation.  It is also possible using the same features to prioritize traffic according the needs of the community or the developer. If, on the other hand, the developer sees a monetizing opportunity on the access to third parties foreign to the community, Wialan offers a payportal service specially designed to work with our units and provide the simplest user experience on any kind of wifi device.




Hotels and Resorts


WiFi has completely change the hospitality landscape.  Nowadays, hotel customers use it as one of the key factors to decide where to stay, either to keep connected to vital business activities, enjoy entertainment offers not provided by the hotel itself, or just to keep socially connected during vacations.


Beeing hospitality a trillion dollar industry just in the US, the opportunities WiFi deployment in Hotels and Resorts cannot be overlooked.


Wialan Technologies has been deploying wireless solutions in this market since 2005, having installed units in the Real Intercontinental MetroCentro, Princess Hotels and Camino Real Hotels in Guatemala, and Rodeway Inn Miami Airport in the United States.  Some of this sites have used Wialan's propietary payportal to generate revenue, others have use Wialan's embedded captive portal and some other have just keep the WiFi access wide open.  Whatever the option you choose, Wialan's Access Points and Routers have you covered.




WiFi network deployments in Marinas can be a daunting task.  Weather conditions may be difficult for equipment not prepared for the harshness of a Marina environment. Customers are usually an heterogeneous mixture of devices and data needs, that constantly varies because of short time many boats may stay in a single marina.  Added is the fact that many boats implement now their own internal wifi networks therefore have small access points radiating in every possible channel, normally saturating the available frequencies.


The aforementioned may the task of a Marina WiFi deployment too difficult one.  Nevertheless, with the right equipment and planning, all these challenge can be overcome and Marinas can provide service to their customers.  WG-300-8 Hotspot and WG-300-8-8 Dual Radio outdoor untis have proved their performance and stability in these difficult condtions in marinas such as Marina Bay in FT Lauderdale, Miami Dade County Bill Bird Marina, Cocoplum Marina in Coral Gables (which uses its deployment for WiFi service for the customers and for their Video Surveillance System), and Deering Bay Marina, which has used the same access point for more than five years.


Wialan units' weather resilience, Adaptive Radio technology and their raw internal processing power have proven invaluable for this deployments.  Needless to say, Dockmasters with very little IT experience also rejoice in having Wialan's easy-to-use management interface and standalone equipment.






While many people love to come to Parks to experience the beauty of nature, to relax and unwind, to hike and fish and explore, sometimes it's difficult, if not impossible, to fully unplug from technology. School, work, financial transactions and social networking are just a few of the many reasons folks want to be connected.


Wialan WG-300-8 Hotspot and WG-300-8-8 Dual Radio are specially suited for this task.  Designed for very long distance coverage (half a mile radius with a 8dBi standard omnidirectional antenna) and high density areas (up to 100 client devices simultaneusly connected per unit), Wialan equipment has been chosen by the Miami Dade County to provide service for sites such as Goulds Park, Haulover Park, Pinecrest Gardens and Cutler Ridge Park.  They are also providing service in Mexico in Coyoacan's Delegation Hidalgo Park, and the Club de Golf Campestre Mexico City.  Also in Venezuela, in Parque Central part of the  City of Caracas Wireless Initiative, many more Wialan units have been deployed.


The unparalleled power and hardware flexibility is complemented with the software capacity to stand alone without the need of expensive extra equipment to implement public area networks.  The inclusion of a free embedded captive portal in the unit, is just one of many of the tools available to IT departments deploying Wialan solutions to parks and public areas.


Public Safety


Public Safety and Emergency Services have become heavy WiFi users in the last few years.  With the use of the 4.9Ghz license frequency, Public Safety WiFi access allows those services a miriad of applications such as realtime broadcast of alerts and critical information, mobile access to criminal records and databases, mobile access to operational systems, mobile access to public video surveillance and more.


Wialan access point hardware flexibility has allowed Miami Dade County the installation of hybrids 2.4/4.9Ghz internet access/pubic safety deployments in Miami Dade County Haulover Park and Miami Dade County Goulds Park, where 2.4Ghz is used for internet access and 4.9Ghz is used to isolate the video surveillance systems for both locations, which in turn can be accessed by the police and any other authorized public safety personnel.




Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance has become a necessity.  Business owners want to protect their investment and customers.  Cameras are being deployed everywhere, from warehouses, stores and gas stations to airports, city streets, stadiums, etc.  The deployment of wired security cameras is not always trivial. Specifically in wide open areas, for example parks and fields, installation may be problematic and sometimes unfeasible.  The long distances involved and the infrastructure costs of wiring can be cost prohibitive or impractical.


With the advent of the Internet Protocol cameras (IP or wireless) and recording systems, the landscape has radically changed. Changing the old analog systems to IP based ones has allowed the use of all the advantages of the IP world, beginning with more standard and higher quality video streaming protocols to the use of any media IP protocols can be transmitted.


 Enter WiFi


The standard nature of the Wi-Fi technology and its ease of installation has made it the new de-facto standard for installing Video Surveillance systems in areas where cabling is not feasible.  Even though this solves many deployment issues, new challenges arise regarding the high bandwidth required for continuous streaming and the reliability needed for an application, where even a few seconds of downtime is not acceptable (video surveillance).  In order to reach the desired levels of reliability, the proper planning, and the best possible equipment are necessary for successful deployment.


Wialan Technologies equipment has a proven track record in the implementation of several IP based Video Surveillance System such as Hampton Courts Aparments - West Palm Beach,Cocoplum Marina - Coral Gables, Miami Dade County Haulover Park, andMiami Dade County Omni Station, this last two deployed using the 4.9 licensed public safety frequency.


Voice over IP


Voice Over IP (VoIP) in one of the hottest topic in telecommunications today.  Long gone are the days when we were satisfied by email or some short text messages.  Today VoIP is everywhere.  You can find it in the biggest companies using proprietary infrastructure such as Cisco, or the very popular open source alternative Asterisk.  You can also find it in the end customer market in offers such as Skype, Apple's Face Talk, Google Hangouts and even Facebook chat client has advanced to voice and video capabilities.


But deploying a reliable infrastructure for VoIP is a project onto itself.  First, as time goes, its demands have grown exponentially.  With audio bandwidth demand easily surpassing the 8kHz mono that use to be the standard land line phone call.  Beside that, many providers also include live video.


For all this infrastructure to run smoothly, the proper planning and equipment must be used.  Units must not also be able to carry the bandwidth necessary for the application, but it must also have the means to guarantee that, in a domain of shared networks, that bandwidth will always be available no matter what other apps are running in the network.


Wialan Units' bandwidth shaper and QoS control, together with the units' raw power represent the optimal solution for this kind of application, be it on a controlled environment such as a corporate environment, or "in the wild" like in stadiums or parks.


WiFi and Internet Access


Internet Access is not a luxury anymore. Our lives revolve around the internet, from YouTube to Facebook and Amazon to Ticketmaster, we have not relied on a utility like the internet since electricity. In order to make access to this resource as ubiquitous as possible, Wi-Fi has become synonymous to internet access. Almost every electronic consumer product uses Wi-Fi access to enable internet access in one way or another. This has opened a market of endless opportunities but not without its challenges. Different equipment requires different specifications in power, radio types, and the required bandwidth to perform their functions. Only careful planning and powerful/capable equipment are necessary to successfully provide ausable internet experience.


Wialan Technologies line of Access Points and Routers enable IT departments, ISP and any other internet provider to give users a smooth and fast internet experience. With half mile radius Wi-Fi signal range, unmatched durability, and very powerful packet processing internal hardware, Wialan Technologies equipment provide the optimal solution for the most difficult Wi-Fi deployments. Whether it is a high density environment with hundreds of client devices (city) or a very large open area (parks or beaches), Wialan Technologies equipment will provide an affordable, stable and durable solution, using the least amount of equipment in comparison with competitors.





WG-300-7-i Indoor Unit


The Ultimate Indoor Access Point


With a feature set comparable to its big brothers, the WG-300-7-i is the ultimate access point/router for indoor, large and high density areas.  Using the same hardware components in a smaller and more indoor friendly package, the WG-300-7-i allows for simplified wireless LAN implementations due to its high powered radios and powerful internal hardware.


Office Deployment Friendly


Its mesh technology enables the deployment of full department network without the necessity for excessive and cumbersome ethernet cable installations through the whole floor.  Its range and capacity also means you will only need a few units to cover full departments and even whole buildings, opposed to other vendors that require a multitude of access point just to cover small areas.


IT Department (almost) independent


Although it offers the full management capacities required to be compatible with any network management solution in the market, the units make for an autonomous self sufficient intranet provider.  All necessary functionality is present in every unit to be operated without the need of complex server rooms or NOC installations.  From the basic DHCP and NAT functions to more complex VPN or QoS functionality, it is all reachable using a few clicks in a friendly web interface.


Feature full


Whether a simple office with a few employees to a complex implementation with multiple devices and network traffic types, this unit offers a feature set that covers all the needs for the modern enterprise.  Bandwidth shaping technology allows prioritization of important network traffic, such as VoIP or other types of streaming.  WPA2 security and VLAN allows to segregate traffic so everyone is allowed to access only the information they should be allowed to.  Even highly secured traffic is covered using the integrated VPN Server, which supports many types of VPNs so you do not have to change the software in all your client devices to enjoy the enhanced security.


WG-300-8 Hotspot


The HotZONE provider


WG-300-8 HotspotWith a 600mW 2.4Ghz radio, and the most powerful processing hardware on the market, the WG-300-8 Hotspot is the ideal device for standalone wifi deployments.  Its pure processing power allows it to manage up to 100 client devices connected simultaneously while providing an arrange of features unparalleled without the use of extra management servers, such as VPNs, VLANs, bandwidth shaping, QoS, and many others.


Its powerful radio also allows for a second-to-none conectivity experience with distances of up to half a mile* using standard 8dBi omnidirectional antennas.


This device has successfully been deployed in such demanding environments as the Maiquetía International Airport in Venezuela and the Cancun International Airport in Mexico,both demanding, high density and complex environments.


The device also features integration with Wialan's payportal service, allowing monetization of the service, if required.  But if you prefer a no server dependent, captive portal, the WG-300-8 Hotspot has you covered with its embedded captive portal which allows you to keep your clients withing any boundaries you see fit for your customized experience.


WG-300-8-8 Dual Radio


The Rolls Royce of the Industrial Hotspots


WG-300-8-8 Dual RadioDeveloped with the most demanding wifi deployments in mind the WG-300-8-8 Dual Radio (WG-300-8 Hotspot's big brother), piles up on all the amazin features of its little brother and adds a second radio for added flexibility.  Whether you need to deploy mesh nodes to encompass locations with difficult or impossible ethernet cable access, or you need to segretate the traffic for complex intranets designs, the WG-300-8-8 has you covered.


Scalability by Design


The device two industry standard N-type connector allows for customization using any existing standard radio frequency antenna.  You can use the included 8dBi antennas for simple hotspot deployments, sector antennas for localized and more powerful service, or grid directional antennas for point to point links, allowing impressive distance and performance.


Also the modular design of the units allow the change of technologies, should that need arise, without changing the base installation.  The base casing unit is big enough to account for future changes in the procesing hardware and are durable enough to last a life time, as evidenced by the Deering Bay Marina Wireless deployment, with more than 5 years with the unit internal components looking just new.


Flexibility Above All


The modular design in the WG-300-8-8 allows also the mix of radios and technologies.  You can create a customized mix of frequencies with 2.4 and 4.9* public safety frequencies.  This is how the Miami Dade County has achieved unparalleled reliability in projects such as the Miami Dade County Haulover Park.




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