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Business Description


American Diversified Holdings Corporation, a publicly traded holding company headquartered in Del Mar, California.  ADHC is engaged in developing innovative technologies in the life science sector, specifically targeting the fast growing Stem Cell arena.  ADHC is working closely with certain research institutes to bring lab proven products to production. This will require anywhere from one to three years to get the lab process commercially viable.    ADHC feels while this is not generally the model it uses, only equity capital will be used mitigating any adverse effect on the financial statements while bringing these products to market.


ADHC's management is currently in negotiations with research institutes and a leading scientist in the field of stem cell medicine and contemplates formal disclosure of its plans to sponsor research in Regenerative Medicine in the near future. ADHC, as a holding company does not maintain an overhead of salaries and expenses at the corporate level, but rather acquires the necessary management when it purchase a business. Because of its unique location in the San Diego scientific research community in and near UCSD, ADHC has access to critical research and production facilities and relationships with many of the scientists and entrepreneurs actively working in the developing stem cell area.



Company Information:


American Diversified Holdings Corporation

PO Box 2568

Del Mar, CA 9201

Phone: 858-259-4534

Fax: 858-225-0767






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