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Andiamo Corporation - Overview
















Ticker Symbol: ANDI (formerly TITL)


Andiamo Corporation (formerly Title Consulting Services) is a diversified holding company involved in Title Insurance and Internet Technologies. Through its subsidiaries, the company seeks to grow through acquisitions, organic growth and economies of scale.

The company has a long-established track record in the title insurance business and has recently grown through several acquisitions during the first half of 2011. These acquisitions are part of a larger plan to develop into a well-diversified Holding company encompassing real estate and the technology sector


As a consequence of these fundamental developments, the company changed its name and ticker symbol in July 2011. All of Andiamo’s subsidiaries are operational and producing revenues.


The company commented:

The culmination of the two mergers early in the quarter of PresentAll and Text My Market along with the development of new technologies for both of these companies should result in continued growth and profitability.

I am also pleased to announce that we have completed the final 2 acquisitions for this quarter. These two app companies are cash flow positive and should add favorably to our bottom line once the revenue is recognized on our P&L.

These four acquisitions should add approximately $1.5 million in gross revenue and an estimated $250,000 in profits (excluding depreciation). This means that TITL's gross income should approach approximately $2.5 million on a consolidated basis. TITL also looks to additional economies of scale and cross-marketing products and services, which should result in further income growth opportunities.



Current Operations and Subsidiaries:

Accu Title Agency


Text My Market

Presentall Inc.



Contact Information

Andiamo Corporation

6365 53rd Street North

Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Phone: 727-520-9500






NV SOS Corporation Status



Transfer Agent

Signature Stock Transfer, Inc.

2632 Coachlight Ct.

Plano, TX, 75093



As of August 4, 2010:

Signature Stock Transfer will no longer provide share structure information for any of our clients. Please refer to public sources for latest company filings such as Edgar filings, the SEC website, or the issuer's website.


Thank you


Denise Bogutski



Investor Relations

In May 2011 the company announced the cancellation of an Investor Relations contract it had signed earlier with MMG.


The company commented:

Title Consulting Services, Inc. (Pinksheets: TITL) wishes to notify its shareholders that TITL and its IR firm have mutually cancelled their contract dated November 11, 2010 for Investor Relations and Public Relations.

"We felt that a parting of ways was in the best interest of our shareholders at this time", said Dustin Secor, CEO of TITL.


No further obligations or responsibilities are required of either party in this mutual cancellation.



Investor Relations Contact







Accu Title Agency (





Accu Title Agency is the seventh largest Title Insurance company in the state of Florida (Hoovers; December, 2010).

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Accu Title Agency has been providing title insurance and real estate closing services as an independent title insurance agency since 2001. We offer a network of strategically placed locations across the state of Florida, such that very few homes would be more than an hour’s drive from one of our offices. We have over 40 closers on staff ready to suit your closing needs. We generally offer a 24 to 48 hour turnaround on commitments. Our highly experienced policy department ensures timely delivery of your final title policies.

According to Title News, the official publication of American Land Title Association, Accu Title Agency ranks nationally as follows:


• In the top 10% in revenue

• In the top 12% of orders received

• In the top 9% in staffing


The company also announced to complement its title insurance offerings through the addition of several value-added services:

- Andiamo Corporation (ANDI) Home Owners Foreclosure Assistance

- Andiamo Corporation (ANDI) introduces “Accu Concierge” Customer Service


Accu Title signed an underwriting agreement with Old Republic Packaged Services Division(ORPAK),a division of Old Republic Title, that will allow the Company to conduct closings across the United States, establishing itself as a National title agency, and one of the few national independent agencies in the country. To this end, a National Operations Manager has been recruited and hired to oversee national expansion. Management anticipates that by being one of the few independent agencies, Accu Title will be a more responsive vendor to national lenders.


Old Republic Title is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Old Republic International, a $3.2B NYSE traded company! The partnership will likely result in positive exposure and growth opportunities for Andiamo’s title insurance business.




Action App Corporation (





Action Apps Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Andiamo, has been created to be an accumulator and developer of Smartphone Apps crossing the line between the Apple Iphone and Ipad, Blackberry and Android Platforms. The corporation was formed following the acquisition of two mobile app development companies during the first half of 2011.


Action Apps is continuing with the existing business models of the acquired companies (T3 Apps, LLC and Best Phone Game Tracker Security Alarms Battery Mirror Flashlight Booth Talking Test Apps Company, LLC) and will promote the marketing and cross marketing of the existing Apps that are currently successful and producing revenue and profits through sales and advertising revenues. Our two newest acquisitions (T3 and Best) have had more than 5,100,000 combined downloads of their Apps and are consistently ranked in the top groups of the entertainment and photo categories in the I-store. These two companies have co-developed proprietary software that allows seamless integration of cross company and cross App marketing advantages. Any new version release or new App release is immediately marketed to this existing base of users and followers and provides an instant marketing opportunity for all new developments to keep users excited and up to date on all the new products available to them.


These acquisitions give us a strong entry point into this new and exciting sector. The acquisition of T3 and Best is much more than just the Apps that these companies have developed. The founder and developer of T3 was at the forefront of App developments and as such has a tremendous working knowledge of the industry. The founder of Best has an intellectual insight into cutting edge software for marketing and promotion. "I'm excited to match marketing expertise and knowledge of the industry with the fire power and management of a publicly traded company" stated Mr. Mureta, founder. "Also, Mr. Tayfun Karadeniz, founder, was instrumental at spearheading the technical vitality and growth of both companies "This is just the beginning, and a great match for future expansion in a hot industry," said Mr. Karadeniz.


Recently, T3 introduced its newest entertainment app: Harbor Madness. Within 3 days of its debut, this app catapulted into the top 100 overall (paid apps), and ranked 11th in the entertainment category in the US app store. Other apps by the two companies have enjoyed similar success with one of them reaching top 50 overall (paid), top 10 overall (free) and 5 reaching top 25 (paid) in the Entertainment category. Best has also just introduced an additional 8 new apps to Apple and expects approval within the next 2 weeks.

Much the same as every company needed a website a number of years ago, every company with a website now needs the migration of their information and portals into the mobile App sector and we see this as an emerging market that has the opportunity to explode.

Action Apps is preparing a team of programmers and marketers to help established business migrate from the web-based world to the mobile platform and the development of Apps for existing companies.


There are multiple profit opportunities within this immediate sector:

- Continuation of the existing business and the continuation of development, marketing and cross marketing the existing Apps that are currently successful and producing revenue and profits through sales and advertising revenues.

- Opportunities to help established businesses migrate from the web-based world to the mobile platform and the development of Apps for existing companies is another avenue of opportunity.

- Migration of the successful entertainment line to the Blackberry and Android operating systems.

- Development of additional entertainment Apps to market to our existing user base as well as improvement on existing Apps for increased sales and profit.

- Creation of other developments within the Smartphone App sector: Financial, Education, Communications, Real Estate and Other Technologies.


"According to a recently published article by AdMob, 2010 revenue for all Apps was $2.5 Billion. It is projected to substantially increase to $35 Billion by the year 2014, according to IDC. This is an exciting opportunity for our company to launch into a proven growing market, with proven companies, with proven revenues and profits and with unlimited potential", added Mr. Secor, CEO.


Independent information on the performance shown by the "T3 apps" & "Best" apps departments of Action-App confirm favorable audience rankings.








Text My Market (





Text My Market is a mobile text marketing company that provides short code text marketing solutions. Text My Market is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to reach out to customers and clients with special offers, updates and deals.

As of May 2011, the company reported more than 150 existing clients.


Text marketing is a growing industry and is becoming one of the most effective ways to market a business. Text My Market not only helps businesses grow through mobile marketing but also provides them with marketing expertise and a fully managed mobile marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is extremely effective when done correctly and managed correctly. Text My Market takes the guess work out of mobile marketing campaigns and allows you to focus on running your business.


TextmyMarket’s Text-to-call feature will connect a text word to a voice telephone number and also send out a simultaneous text message to the calling number if desired, allowing a database list for future marketing to be created. This service will connect clients quickly and easily and allow them to receive future updates from the company via text message. A client can opt out from receiving future messages by simply replying "drop" to "74499". Anyone may test how the system works by texting "tmm" to 74499. Brief video explaining more about Text to Call is available for review here:






































Text My Market also realizes the power of Social Media in a mobile marketing campaign. A social media campaign is currently under development and more details will be provided very soon.


TITL CEO Dustin Secor said: "We feel this product will compete very favorably with Go800 (GOIG) and further enhance the call experience by enabling text messaging and database lists. Text My Market is currently in revenue mode and its growth potential is exciting. We look forward to great things from Text My Market as well as all other subsidiaries, including future acquisitions." Text My Market is growing at a very rapid pace and has more exciting technologies coming soon.




PresentAll Inc. (




PresentAll is a software development company that is on the cutting-edge of business presentations, collaborative communication and e-learning. PresentAll produces browser-based web-conferencing software that allows colleagues, clients and customers to connect and work together via webcasts, telepresence, webinars, streaming conferences and online courses. The services are marketed on a subscription basis and provide monthly recurring revenues. The operations are profitable and growing (


PresentAll includes these powerful features:

• Multiple video with up to 16 simultaneous videos

• Integrated audio using VoIP technology (unlimited)

• Dedicated URL for your meeting rooms

• Technical support

• Live Training

• Branding to reflect your company name

• Meeting recording and playback

• Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility

• Secure meetings

• Unlimited online meetings

• Easy to use account manager system to create meeting rooms

• Multiple meeting rooms

• Multiple presenters

• Access pre-uploaded content from any computer

• No limit on users

• No software to download

A number of added features and functionalities are currently in development


PresentAll Inc. is named an allied member of "The Utah Hotel and Lodging Association" following the announcement of a strategic partnership to foster product presence of in the Utah market:

PresentAll's move to build strategic relations with associations like UHLA is part of a plan to increase its market presence, which is anticipated to grow tremendously in coming years.


Annual worldwide Software as a Service (SaaS) sales are predicted to reach $8.5 billion, up 14.1% from 2009. PresentAll is part of this market and is poised for rapid growth through further product development and market deployment. It's estimated that 75% of all businesses will communicate using online meetings or online web conferencing by 2013.



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