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Bergio International, Inc. - BRGO




















Business Description

Bergio is entering into our 20th year of operations and concentrates sales on boutique, upscale jewelry stores. We currently sell our jewelry to approximately 150 independent jewelry retailers across the United States and have spent over $3 million in branding the Bergio name through tradeshows, trade advertising, national advertising and billboard advertising since launching the line in 1995. We have manufacturing control over our line as a result of having a manufacturing facility in New Jersey as well as subcontracts with facilities in Italy and Bangkok.


It is our intention to establish Bergio International as a holding company for the purpose of acquiring established jewelry design and manufacturing firms who possess branded product lines. Branded product lines are products and/or collections whereby the jewelry manufacturers have established their products within the industry through advertising in consumer and trade magazines as well as possibly obtaining federally registered trademarks of their products and collections. This is in line with our strategy and belief that a brand name can create an association with innovation, design and quality which helps add value to the individual products as well as facilitate the introduction of new products.


We intend to acquire design and manufacturing firms throughout the United States and Europe. If and when we pursue any potential acquisition candidates, we intend to target the top 10% of the world?s jewelry manufactures that have already created an identity and brand in the jewelry industry. We intend to locate potential candidates through our relationships in the industry and expect to structure the acquisition through the payment of cash, which will most likely be provided from third party financing, as well as our common stock but not cash generated from our operations. In the event we obtain financing from third parties for any potential acquisitions, Bergio International may agree to issue our common stock in exchange for the capital received. However, as of the date of this Current Report, we do not have any binding agreements with any potential acquisition candidates or arrangements with any third parties for financing.


Principal Products and Services


We have historically sold our products directly to distributors, retailers and other wholesalers, who then in turn sell their products to consumers through retail stores. Independent retail jewelers that offer the current Bergio line are not under formal contracts and most sell competing products.


Our products consist of a wide range of unique styles and designs made from precious metals such as gold, platinum and Karat gold, as well as other precious stones. We continuously innovate and change our designs based upon consumer trends and as a result of new designs being created we believe we are able to differentiate ourselves and strengthen our brands. We sell our products to our customers at price points that reflect the market price of the base material plus a markup reflecting our design fee and processing fees.


Each year, most jewelry manufacturers bring new products to market. We believe that we are a trendsetter in jewelry manufacturing. As a result, we come out with a variety of products throughout the year that we believe have commercial potential to meet what we feel are new trends within the industry. The Bergio designs consist of upscale jewelry that includes white


Bergio Fine

Contemporary, exotic and the ultimate in sophistication; the collections of Bergio Fine in gold, sterling silver with diamonds and semi-precious gemstones speak of elegance and flair, while boasting the traditional fine craftsmanship that Bergio is renowned for. From the simple, yet sculptural lines of the new Cestino collection to the dazzling intricacy and workmanship of the Safari collection, Bergio Fine excites with innovative designs that know no boundaries.



Byzantine Collection

The intricacy and mosaic-like aesthetic of true Byzantine art shines through in this striking gold and diamond collection of pendants, earrings and rings. Softly geometrical in style, the collection's round, oval and elongated ovals of gold filigree feature central bursts of diamond clusters, as well as sprinkles of smaller diamonds. Offered in both yellow gold and pink gold.



Cestino Collection

Beauty reigns in this magnificent collection; simple yet sculptural forms and sleek lines define this contemporary collection with a decidedly futuristic feel. Polished white gold and pink gold play off one another in a striking open weave design. The collection's offerings include a variety of pendant styles; earrings, rings as well as luxury belt buckles. Also available in polished silver and pink gold.



Moderna Collection

Contemporary and chic is the defining mood of the Moderna Collection, offering elegant earrings and necklaces in a sleek, yet bold design. Stunning, yet simple and undeniably sophisticated, this versatile collection's beauty comes alive in rich pink gold and a playful mix of pave and solitaire diamonds that coupled together evoke its desirable modern spirit.



Safari Collection

A shimmering maze of gold defines each piece in this exotic collection. Sensuous, curving layers of gold and diamond intersect and flow, nestling larger round diamonds within their folds. Available in both yellow and pink gold, Safari offers rings, circular and heart pendants, earrings and bracelets.



Sistina Collection

Defined by opulence and delicacy and inspired by Michelangelo, the Sistina collection is masterfully hand crafted with Bergio's innovative design aesthetic. 18KT yellow gold bursts into geometric shapes accented with 18KT rose and white gold and intricately placed diamonds. This highly fashionable collection includes pendants, rings and earrings in a variety of shapes to fit your unique style.



Tubetto Collection

Tubes of gold and diamonds explode like fireworks in this fun and flirty collection. Also available in sterling silver with semi precious stones, this collection is sureto be a hit amongst fashionista's everywhere.




Bergio Accessories

Fueled by the success of the accessories offerings from the highly popular Safari and Cestino collections, Bergio expanded the brand in late 2010 to introduce Bergio Accessories: an extraordinary assortment of limited edition python skin belts and evening handbags. The ultimate in sophistication and style, each impeccably designed piece is made in the United States and boasts of both fashion and luxury to the eye and hand.



Bergio Bridal

Timeless elegance and classic design are the essence of the Bergio Bridal collection. Never trendy, yet truly sophisticated and contemporary, Bergio Bridal engagement rings, bridal sets and eternity bands fulfill the very promise of love itself: enduring and ever brilliant. Italian design inspiration and handcrafted in the USA from the finest 18K white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and platinum, Bergio Bridal promises to be as magnificent 100 years from now as it is today.


Bergio Couture

As the jewel in the crown of Bergio, Bergio Couture offers the ultimate in exquisite one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Handcrafted in Italy, visionary design and the finest of precious metals and gems make this collection worthy of its elevated price point. From elegant necklaces in a scrollwork design of diamonds and baroque pearls to pendants bursting with colored gemstones, Bergio Couture proclaims not



About Berge Abajian











As President, CEO and Head Designer of Bergio, Berge Abajian performs a highly successful balancing act, accomplished with equal parts precision and passion. An informed and inspirational leader, Berge directs the company with the eye and soul of a designer and the mind of a businessman. The role that is perhaps closest to his heart, however, is that of designer. With family jewelry roots reaching back the 1930s, Berge is a third generation jeweler and a purist when it comes to design. Berge's understanding of every aspect, in both design and manufacturing, creates collections that are nothing short of peerless in craftsmanship and style.


Berge came to the United States with his family in the mid 1970s. He pursued his education, graduating from an American university and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He learned the family jewelry business first hand in America, but opportunity and travel beckoned. His adventurous spirit and his desire to design with colored stones eventually led him to Brazil. It was there that he first encountered the exotic yellow and pink diamonds that would ultimately become his specialty and presence in future Bergio collections.


Armed with knowledge gained in the family business and ventures abroad, Berge established his own company, Bergio, in 1995. The market debut of Bergio Fine and subsequent Bergio Bridal and Bergio Couture collections instantly caught the attention of trade, media and consumers alike.


His leadership and vision over the past 15 years has built Bergio into an international presence and cemented its position as a leader in design and craftsmanship. Berge sets great value on developing and nurturing honest partnerships with retailers and customers. "I am in the business of jewelry, not the jewelry business," explains Berge, "as such, my retailers and customers are an important facet of the process, from design to delivery."


Berge's bold business strategy of going public in 2008 has allowed Bergio to grow, diversify and increase its global presence and sensibility. Continued market strength in the United States coupled with international expansion, particularly into Moscow and Eastern Europe, are the focal points for 2011.




   Contact Info


    12 Daniel Road E

    Fairfield, NJ




    Phone: 973-227-3230


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