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Cloud Centric, Inc. - CLDR


Cloud Centric Systems is a Global Provider of Email Management Solutions to Business. We have our own DataCenter Infrastructure, through which we offer our Hosted (Saas) Email Management Solution as well as an offering specifically designed for those who want to create their own Hosted Email Management Solution in their own DataCenter.


Our ability to offer the Corporate everything they need in Email Managament from anti-spam, anti-virus, archiving, compliance and disaster recovery gives us a real advantage in the marketplace.


Our ability to enable Service Providers to become Email Management companies means that we have a unique, Global Perspective on Email Management that transcends email management in a single territory, we are able to look beyond the local problem and take a Big Picture view.


Our Solutions integrate with the local network and can pull through your users and security groups where appropriate to instantly, and regularly, populate our systems with your user base requirements.


With the Online Management Portal, administrators can simply and quickly create rules which govern your email flow. Ever wanted to know who was sending valuable credit card information out of the business? Ever wanted to stop it, or redirect those emails to the CIO? You can acheive that through some simple rules in the online portal.


Our systems are in use around the Globe and we protect many thousands of email users from New York to London, from Mumbai to Hong Kong. Trust us to deliver your corporate strategy on email management.



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    P.O. Box 941929

    Maitland, FL 32751




    Phone: 321-200-0724






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