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Cyber- Thingy Inc. - CYBK


Cyber-Thingy's Presents: Cyber Connect

The Self-Service Bill Payment and Financial Products Solution!


Cyber-Thingy, Inc. provides attractive internet based, multi-functional kiosks and tablets for the Domestic and International markets. There are various types of tablets and branded kiosks to choose from; free standing, counter top and wall mounted kiosks. Each kiosk comes with a digital advertising screen and a main screen that can be customized with any number of transaction or fee based programs to fit its revenue generating and demographic requirements.


The Cyber-Thingy™ business model is adaptable and really very simple. The Company distributes Company owned kiosk machines and tablets to earn residual revenues and/or sell kiosk machines to earn up-front and residual revenues. Cyber-Thingy’s multiple streams of revenue comes from several transaction and fee based programs running within the kiosks such as; Digital Advertising, Mobile Phone Top-up minutes(reload), Online Bill Pay, Events-Sports-Movie Tickets, Gift Card Programs, Prepaid Cards, Coupons, Payday Loan leads, and New Product Launch (ALL with immediate purchasing options). Each Kiosk machine comes with a cash bill acceptor and a credit card reader for ease of payment. Tablets are connected to existing POS systems. These multi-functional kiosks and tablets not only earn Cyber-Thingy™ residual revenues but create residual revenue opportunities for all the companies involved.


The target market for placement of the Cyber-Thingy™ kiosks and tablets is wide open due to the large number of residual revenue generating programs offered. Ideal placement locations are: supermarkets, gas stations, truck stops, convenience stores, business centers, malls, movie theatres, colleges, airports, banks, check cashing stores, mobile phone stores, restaurants, bars, bookstores, private clubs, hotels, hospitals and stadiums. Cyber-Thingy’s kiosks and tablets along with our proprietary advertising and multi-function program software are the perfect solution for generating additional revenue for any business that has a large concentration of customers.


The market of consumers that prefer cash transactions along with the unbanked population represents an untapped market segment. Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect™ was created to accommodate these consumers' preference for dealing in cash transactions in a secure, private fashion. Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect™ Kiosks not only will connect with this target audience thru a full suite of interactive Financial Products but will creatively engage customers with top brand discounted shopping options.


With Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect™, you can provide the payment options that your customers demand. Deploy what you need now and easily expand later. You can choose to make your bill available in Cyber-Thingy’s existing payment network along with over 35,000 other vendors, or deploy your own branded solution. We can help you accept cash, credit, debit or prepaid cards, and remit the payment directly to you.



Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect™ Kiosks are increasing Brand Awareness and Redefining the In-Store Customer Experience.


Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect™ Kiosks are increasing Brand Awareness atnd Redefining the In-Store Customer Experience. Innovative technology, coupled with the world’s universal addiction of mobile web devices, has permanently changed the way consumers shop. The latest craze of extreme couponing has consumers constantly looking for ways to save money on their purchases. The day of coupon clipping from the Sunday morning paper has transitioned to the web and now in many cases at in-store kiosks.


Cyber-Thingy’s Cyber Connect ™ kiosk with its digital advertising and immediate coupon print experience is more engaging for the consumer. The process is a quick and seamless 2 way creative interaction between graphic rich digital brands and the customer. Today’s consumers are looking for trust relationships with retailers. They are guarding their resources and have changed their shopping paradigm to a direction that is more selective and targeted. While it is generally the “brand” that has brought consumers back to the shopping environment, it is the “experience” at a retail location that builds loyalty and will keep them coming back.



Cyber Connect™ The Self-Service Bill Payment and Financial Products Solution!


Cyber-Thingy, Inc.’s Domestic Operations consists of the manufacturing and placement of its Cyber Connect ™ kiosks and POS Tablets within high traffic locations. The Cyber Connect™ kiosks and POS Tablets come with a variety of financial product solutions and digital advertising screens with full video and image capabilities. The Cyber Connect™ kiosks are available to custom wrap for companies that wish to expand their market awareness by branding a particular product or service. The Company generates revenue from the sale of Multi-Media Advertising and Transaction based products and services within each kiosk. Cyber-Thingy’s business model is easily expandable because of its ability to deliver all financial solutions via the internet. The Cyber Connect™ Kiosk is self-sufficient and does not require an employee to operate it. The internet connection is secure with a 328 bit encryption code. Cyber-Thingy™ is strategically positioned to manufacture and distribute the Cyber Connect™ kiosks and Tablets to provide specialty financial services to thousands of locations across the USA and abroad.


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    7401 Wiles Road Suite 244C

    Coral Springs, FL 33067




    Phone: 954-509-3748





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