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Cytta Corp -  CYCA


Cytta Corp. delivers powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use cell phone based medical testing products and services that allow people and their physicians to monitor their personal health, wellness and fitness. The system is fully operational and existing clients are currently achieving remarkable results with the Cytta system.

We are the first highly scalable, mobile platform for collecting verifiable and objective data for anyone requiring FDA approved monitoring; from the chronically ill to readmission prevention.

The Cytta system utilizes FDA approved medical testing devices of our medical partners, our proprietary Cytta medical cell phones and our proven Cloud based instant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Cytta and its proprietary network, simplifies the process of gathering important health data in our Cloud based platform while completely freeing the user to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Our revolutionary mobile phone platform and open ecosystem works seamlessly with our partner's FDA approved Bluetooth medical and wellness devices to support a very scalable cellular remote monitoring solution. We utilize only FDA approved Bluetooth devices including the A&D Medical scale, A&D Medical blood pressure, the Nonin Medical Inc. pulse oximetry device and the "MyGlucoHealth" diabetes meter from Entra Health Systems.

Cytta has its own cellular data transport system and coordinates care via a Cellular/Cloud based EMR exception alert and reporting mechanism. The end result is a highly scalable system that generates monthly revenues, dramatically reduces health care costs, and produces healthy outcomes.

The Instant EMR is automatically populated with the patient's data and provides an interactive and interpretive interface for review by the patient's providers and caregivers. The data can be displayed in various numerical formats, it can be graphed to show trends of these measurements and it may be utilized to provide early warning signs of dangerous health trends.

Cytta delivers more than just data collection. Cytta owns the phone screen and is capitalizing on its controlled architecture. Cytta cell phones are a two-way communication platform that supports an ecosystem of industry partners and, thereby, generates additional savings and revenue opportunities for Cytta and its partners through, integrated care, data mining and advertising.


Cytta Connect™ is the world’s first open source Healthcare Special Purpose Cellular and Satellite Network™.  Our unique system allows us to connect all forms of Bluetooth enabled medical and wellness monitoring devices (FDA and Non-FDA) seamlessly through an Android Smartphone.


The Cytta Connect™ system delivers an individual's health data in real-time to our Instant electronic biometric record or EBR™.  This automatic and cloud based medical data repository is easily customized to fit with your health requirements through the use of the Cytta Health Engine™.


Cytta Connect™ frees you from being trapped into acquiring expensive and proprietary medical monitoring devices and paying for restrictive connection technology to monitor the health of patient populations. Cytta Connect™ is simple, easy to use, and it works everywhere!




Cytta Connect™ is very cost effective and works with most manufacturers’ off-the-shelf Bluetooth enabled monitoring devices.  The Cytta Connect™ system works seamlessly using cellular mobile service, WIFI networks, and coming soon, we will be the first to offer global Satellite connection, too.


Cytta Connect™ is currently implementing clinical monitoring systems for Healthcare Providers to monitor Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity as well as several other major chronic conditions and causes of hospital readmissions. Additionally we offer a wide range of consumer driven wellness monitoring solutions.


Please review the results of an independent study by clicking on the Whitepaper section for recent Pilot Program results. Contact us today about designing a program for your specialized health and wellness monitoring need
































Contact Info


    6490 West Desert Inn Road

    Suite 101

    Las Vegas, NV 89146




    Phone: 702-307-1680




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