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DNA Dynamics, Inc. - DNAD

DNAD is a publisher and developer of games and Apps for mobile and tablet devices through it's wholly owned subsidiaries DNA Interactive Limited and DNA Studios Limited. Games include 'The Naked Gun:ICUP', 'Warheads:Medieval Tales' and 'Legacy:Mystery Mansion' amongst many others.









Game developer DNAIG creates mobile games and apps for iOS and Android platforms. We produce games and apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones (such as Samsung, LG and HTC) and Android tablets (such as Acer, ASUS, HTC and Samsung). We’ve created more than 25 games across nine platforms in three years, including some for major TV brands and other rights – and there’s a lot more in the pipeline. DNAIG is part of the DNA Group. Our parent company is DNA Dynamics, Inc. (PK:DNAD).


Our team of game developers, artists, coders and composers works out of airy open plan studios in Leamington Spa – right at the centre of the UK’s Videogame industry, often known as ‘Silicon Spa’ (@siliconspagames on Twitter)


Our in-house tech – the Slam Engine – means we work incredibly fast (we produced 25 games in three years). The Slam Engine enables rapid application development. It means we can make mobile games in weeks, not years – and we can port games between formats in hours. It’s incredible – because it takes the financial risk out of games development.











Warheads Battle


Warheads BattleWarheads Battle is our most recent in-house gaming IP based on a successful table top role play game (Warheads Medieval Tales).


The game is free to play and players can challenge their friends via online leaderboards and share achievements via Facebook. Players command Sir Hugo and his band of unlikely heroes as they battle the dreaded forces of the evil Sir Gui. Level up your party and take to the battlefield in Warheads: Battle, the premier fast-paced action RPG. Battle Sir Gui and his evil henchmen with over 50 unique special abilities to unlock, build up your cache of equipment with dozens of weapons, armour, potions and accessories in an intense campaign to claim your rightful seat of power.


★★★★ –148 Apps – “Simple and cute…ideal for the casual RPG fan”

★★★★ – appSational – “Simple and beautiful”

GoozerNation – “The visual style is beautiful and cartoony”

Inside Mobile Apps – “crisp, clean art and smooth animation”

AppAdvice – “good old fashioned RPG action”




Naked Gun ICUP





















Naked Gun ICUP game iconNaked Gun ICUP (NG) is an updated version of the classic Naked Gun film franchise.


This new re-imagining of the franchise will parody modern crime dramas like CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. while skewering modern games such as L.A. Noire and Angry Birds.


The serialized mystery game app will incorporate puzzle and adventure gaming mechanics similar to classic titles such as “Sam and Max” and “Monkey Island”.























Mix and scratch your way to DJ super stardom  Tear up the clubs to earn fans and unlock new venues! Skillz’s award-winning soundtrack features the freshest dance music, jam-packed with gems and never before heard remixes that are guaranteed to get you grooving.

Legacy Mysery Mansion




Legacy Mystery Mansion game logo



















With markedly enhanced graphics, the updated version of our top 12 puzzle game, Legacy: Mystery Mansion, is now avaliable on multiple gaming platforms including iPad®, Android™ smartphones and tablets, and Mac®.Updates include an in-app store to purchase additional time and “brooms” to sweep away hard to move objects. As well as 40 new achievements, such as Don’t Fear the Sweeper and In the Bedroom with the Candlestick, further elevating the game’s difficulty. In addition, Legacy now features an online leader board, pitting players against one another so that the game itself is no longer the only competition.












Three game types; Sudoku, Comparison, and Kakuro. Use pencil mark mode to jot down possible answers. Get a new puzzle every day, or pick from the archive.


Chess Crusades










Chess Crusades game iconAn amazing take on one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. See the pieces come to life in fun and quirky animated sequences! If you’ve never laughed at chess before, it’s time to start now!



The premiere jigsaw game arrives on the app store! In-app store, regularly updated with brand new puzzles.



Margots Word Brain


See if you’re a bright spark as your scores are remembered. Challenge friends and family to see who’s brainiest!



Family Fortunes


The TV game show everyone knows! Sets, family teams, survey questions: even down to the instantly recognisable “uh-uhh” sound from the scoreboard.



Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-1st Edition


The video game features all the TV Show Quiz Game’s assets and structure. There are 15 questions that will take you from a virtual £100 to £1 million.



Who Wants To Be A Millionaire- 2nd Edition


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition keeps all the successful features of the 1st edition and has been enhanced with new exclusive content.



Beat The Intro


Test your musical knowledge with your friends! Listen to a song clip and guess the correct artist and song title, spin the record and hold it at the right speed to identify the famous song and unjumble images.



Super Fruit Fall


The objective of Super Fruitfall is to eliminate every piece of fruit by moving them around a puzzle grid until they become grouped together. Rotate the play area in one of three ways.

Telly Addicts




For the first time ever, Noel Edmonds brings his classic TV show to console. Progress through quiz rounds, collecting points as you go, with the aim of accumulating the most points to win the game.



Top Trumps Adventures


Top Trumps Adventures is a compilation video game for the Wii console. Based on the popular Top Trumps card games, it contains the four packs from the original two Top Trumps Adventures games, Dogs and Dinosaurs and Horror and Predators



Top Trumps Horror and Predators


Top Trumps Horror and Predators is a video game based on the popular Top Trumps card game. Published by Ubisoft, this release is the sister title to Top Trumps Dogs and Dinosaurs, and is part of the Top Trumps Adventures series.



Top Trumps Dogs and Dinosaurs


Based on the classic card game that has hooked kids for generations, Top Trumps: Dogs & Dinosaurs takes the experience to a whole new level. Play against the computer or against your friends, play the quizzes and collect special cards and trophies.



Golden Balls


Bluff your opponents through four rounds to win the five golden balls with a maximum amount of cash! Each victory improves player’s rank and unlocks increasingly competent liars and manipulators for a renewed and gradual challenge.



Challenge me: Word Puzzles


Challenge me: Word Puzzles is a compilation of seven fun word based puzzles including Anagrams, Word Search and Conundrum, designed to improve your vocabulary and concentration. There will be hours of entertainment as there are limitless combinations!



Challenge me: Brain Puzzles 2


Challenge me: Brain Puzzles 2 brings more brain boggling number puzzles with seven great games, including Sudoku, Towers, Number Soup and Squares. With most puzzles generated from new each time you start a game, there are limitless possibilities!



   Contact Info


    Super Sonic House

    23 Adelaide Road

    Leamington Spa CV31 3PD

    United Kingdom




    Phone: 44-1926-460180
















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