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Deep Down Inc. - DPDW




Deep Down, Inc. is an oilfield services company serving the worldwide offshore exploration and production industry. Our proven services and solutions include distribution system installation support and engineering services, umbilical terminations, loose-tube steel flying leads, installation buoyancy, ROVs and tooling, and marine vessel automation, control and ballast systems. Deep Down supports subsea engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance projects through specialized, highly experienced service teams and engineered technological solutions. The company's primary focus is on more complex deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil production distribution system support services and technologies used between the platform and the wellhead.


Deep Down, Inc. operates in a safe, environmentally sound, and socially responsible manner and maintains the highest ethical standards. We are committed to an uncompromising standard of excellence, innovation and quality for our customers, employees, and investors.


Deep Down, Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX.


Deep Down, Inc. is a partner to Impact A Hero, a non-profit organization that provides immediate and ongoing emotional and financial support for our severely-wounded post-9/11 combat veterans and their families.

































Deep Down, Inc. has the experience and industry knowledge to support all aspects of subsea field development. From the design and manufacture of specialized subsea hardware, through installation and commissioning, we cover the spectrum of expertise in subsea development. Deep Down's experience as an installer, manufacturer and operator of equipment is instrumental in interface engineering and execution, providing for smooth project installations. The involvement of our offshore engineers imparts valuable knowledge to ensure exemplary installation and commissioning procedures.


Deep Down also offers storage and equipment refurbishment services.


    Commissioning and Testing

    Engineering and Project Management

    Manufacturing and Fabrication

    Installation Management

    Pull-In and Spooling Operations

    ROV Equipment and Services

    Spooling Operations

    System Integration Testing

    3D Animation and Multimedia



































Deep Down, Inc. can provide quality manufactured products to support your subsea projects.


The drive to improve offshore efficiency has led our engineers to develop an array of offshore installation aids and products that assist in a variety of difficult installations in deep water. We work with your team to provide safe and efficient products that perfectly compliment your projects.


Deep Down's 13 acre Channelview, Texas location and 17 acre east Houston, Texas facility with access to the Port of Houston are fully capable of handling a variety of fabrication and manufacturing requirements including machining, welding, electrical and electronic wiring, assembly, testing and commissioning of subsea hardware, installation equipment, and specialized products as well as storage and equipment refurbishment.


    Active Heave Compensator

    Bend Limiters

    Bend Stiffener Latcher (BSL®)

    Buoyancy Modules


    Compliant Umbilical Splice

    Electro-Hydraulic Flying Lead Deployment Frames

    Future/Conceptual Products

    Lay Chutes and Sheaves

    Loose Steel Tube Flying Leads (LSFL)

    Moray® Termination System

    Non-Helical Umbilical (NHU®)

    Rapid Deployment Cartridges (RDC) and Subsea Deployment Baskets (SDB)


    Subsea Accumulator Module (SAM)

    Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA)

    Vessel Systems and Drilling Solutions

    Alarm Monitoring System

    Ballast Control System


    Drillers Display

    Dynamic Positioning System

    Engine Order Telegraph

    Machinery Plant Control Monitor System

    Tank Gauging System





Equipment Rental










Deep Down, Inc. provides a broad range of offshore rental tools and equipment to assist in a variety of difficult deepwater installations.


Our rental equipment includes reels, launch and recovery systems (LARS), flotation devices, high pressure pumping systems, and more.


    Installation Equipment

    ROV Equipment and Services



Contact Info


    8827 W. Sam Houston Pkwy North

    Suite 100

    Houston, TX 77040




    Phone: 281-517-5000












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