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Easton Pharmaceuticals - EAPH


Easton Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops and markets a range of premium, topically delivered therapeutic health care products. The company's proprietary gel formulation is an innovative and unique transdermal delivery system.


The system is the technology that allows for the rapid development of non-invasive, naturally derived topical solutions that have the ability to revitalize and stimulate the healing of a variety of skin and tissue conditions. The transdermal delivery system allows for the targeted delivery of active ingredients, vitamins and herbs through the skin to the underlying tissue.


The company has utilized its transdermal delivery system to develop a safe and effective female sexual enhancement product. The company’s goal is to develop a portfolio of topical pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products targeting various skin and tissue conditions including: scars and stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins.





Easton Pharmaceuticals' first product to market is a female sexual enhancement gel marketed under the brand name ViorraTM. Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is estimated to affect 43% of women, with many women experiencing hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) or low sex drive at some point in their lives. ViorraTM has been specifically formulated to enhance the female sexual experience with safe and effective vaginal revitalization and increased stimulation.


ViorraTM is an all-natural, hormone free, non-toxic, topical gel that is endorsed by some of the world's leading medical experts on women's sexuality. The doctor recommended daily use of ViorraTM Sensuality Solution helps to restore and improve moisture and vaginal elasticity, improving sexual functioning for women. The improvement of sexual functioning of women has a positive effect on sexual desire, arousal and the ability to experience orgasms. ViorraTM is also designed to be used during sexual intimacy to enhance sexual activity by improving lubrication and providing a warm and pleasurable stimulating sensation. This unique product will be marketed as a premium cosmetic product developed specifically for women interested in maintaining and improving their sexual health and intimate relationships.




Product Pipeline


Easton Pharmaceuticals' goal is to utilize the transdermal delivery system to rapidly develop and commercialize a portfolio of products that target various skin and tissue conditions. Current products in development are focused on areas where there are limited product offerings or unmet medical needs: scars and stretch marks, varicose veins and cellulite.




















Note: ViorraTM will be launched in two phases. EP-001 is the current formula and EP-002 will have consumer benefits substantiated by the clinical trials and consumer research.



   Contact Info


    425 University Ave

    Suite 601

    Toronto, ONT M5G1T6





    Phone: 416-619-0291






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