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The fear I talked about earlier has started to transform into greed in the market place. We have already seen some big moves on stocks like: $APT, $LAKE & $IBIO, but those moves are small when compared to the huge 1,000% + move we saw $SIMH take Friday on news of an initial purchase of less than 100 Touchfree™ thermometers to help fight against Ebola at the nation's airports. That press release sent $SIMH flying with over $1.5 Million in trading activity! At $100 per thermometer, 100 thermometers is only $10,000, yet the stock did over a million and a half dollars in trading activity!


Fear and greed move markets, but fear is the stronger of the two. When we think of fear moving the stock market, we automatically assume the direction is down, such was the case in 2008 when the housing bubble, subprime loans and credit default swaps saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers and other financial giants. But fear can also push markets up. How can fear move markets up? you may ask; well, if there are companies who hold the solution or appear to hold the solution to the problem that is causing the fear, traders and investors will be drawn to those companies like moths to a flame.


Ebola is the fear in this case, and for good reason; Ebola is a nasty virus with a very high fatality rate and no known cure to date. The current Ebola outbreak sweeping its way through West Africa has claimed over 4,000 lives so far, and that figure is expected to increase exponentially in the coming months.


While confined to West Africa the Ebola fear was also contained, but as we see cases pop up in Spain, Australia and here in the good ol' USA, that fear starts to spread. While the virus itself is not airborne, the media helps the fear become "on-airborne", causing that fear to spread to pandemic proportions.

Like we saw with the recent MJ craze, a move like $SIMH just made is sure to become contagious and we will likely see a lot of OTC companies jumping on the Ebola bandwagon. Right now there are but a few Ebola Penny Stocks, but I fully expect that number to increase so long as the media continues to stay on this story.

So if you're looking for Ebola Stocks to buy or Ebola penny stocks to buy, currently the list of Ebola stocks penny stocks trading under $5 include: $AHPI, $CBMC, $CONX, $GNBT, $GWPC, $HEB, $IBIO, $IDNG, $LIGA, $NNVC, $NSPH, $OBCI, $PSID, $PURE, $RMCP, $SIGA, $SIMH & $VICL. Ebola stocks trading above $5 include: $AEMD, $APT, $BCRX, $CMRX, $GBIM, $INO, $LAKE, $NLNK, $SRPT, $TKMR, plus pharmaceutical giants: GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) and Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ).


by Nilbud.


Updated: October 18th, 2014


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