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Company Profile


El Maniel International Inc - EMLL



El Maniel International Inc OTC Market Tier: OTC Pink Current Information


El Maniel International Inc is a publicly traded company quoted on the US OTC Market currently focusing in the global gold business domain including but not limited to trading, prospecting, developing and expanding economic potential of world class mining claims and the company is committed in creating shareholder's value by ensuring constant development of current and new global resources. We are planning to aggressively expand our global gold trading capabilities including but not limited to resourcing from the African and other regions.



El Maniel plans to make Ghana its resource base for gold supply operations by operating as a regional hub to regroup its resources whereby the Company expects to support any shortfalls in meeting demand is from its planned production.









Our Mission

Our mission statement is as follows...


"At El Maniel, we believe in infinite potential. Our acquisitions are carefully chosen to bring significant return to our shareholders and partners and our people bring expertise, sophistication, intellect, drive, culture, and commitment in all our undertakings. The result is a well-balanced international corporation managed by an inspiring global team of qualified professionals and there are no limits to what we can collectively accomplish.




Our Projects in Papua New Guinea El Maniel International Inc is currently focused in developing its new ventures in Papua New Guinea


El Maniel International, Inc is currently developing alluvial gold mining opportunities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), a country situated in the region of Australasia. The Capital city of PNG is Port Moresby and is located in the Southern Coast of the mainland. PNG has a total land area of 180,000 square miles and the official language is English. The main exports of PNG are gold, petroleum, copper, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, copra, and timber logs. The main mineral deposits are gold, silver and copper but there are also other recoverable deposits of other minerals such as nickel and cobalt. Alluvial gold occurrences in PNG are mainly found in the East Sepik Province, Enga Province, Madang Province, Eastern Highlands, and Northern Province and in 2009, the total gold production in PNG was recorded at 2.1 million ounces.


The Misima Project: The Misima Project has a total land area of 108 acres and this alluvial gold mining claim situated at the Bulpat Creek of Misima Island is located in the Milne Bay Province of PNG. Based on the geological survey report issued in 2009, the total projected gold reserves for this project site is estimated at 85,784.40 ounces. We had established our base camp and our alluvial gold mining equipment is currently in place for operations. Our expected alluvial gold production recovery rate is 500 ounces per month for the initial three (3) months.


The Enga Project: The 100 acres alluvial gold mining project site is situated at the Timun River of Enga Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which has a conservative estimated gold reserve of 270,000 ounces with purity of 76.97% as confirmed by the assay report released through our webcast on August 19, 2011. Our mining team reported that they had identified a suitable location for our base camp and earmarked the best location to erect the alluvial gold processing plant for accelerated pilot mining operations. Our engineer emphasized that it is possible to achieve alluvial gold production rate of 300 to 350 ounces per month during the initial months of pilot operations.


Our Projects in West Africa El Maniel International Inc has gold business and financial services ventures in West Africa


Ghana, West Africa: Ghana is situated in West Africa with a coastline on the Gulf of Guinea and in area it is about the size of the United Kingdom and extends between 5◦ and 11◦N. It is also bordered on the west by Ivory Coast, on the north by Burkina, and on the east by Togo. Ghana is Africa's second biggest producer of gold, and hosts more estimated reserves than many prolific gold-producing nations. The country is well known as a mining-friendly nation with over 1000 years history of gold production and the famous mines in Ghana has been in continuous production for 110 years. Ghana's mines produced 2.9 million ounces, compared with 2.6 million a year earlier, according to data from the Ghana Chamber of Mines handed to Bloomberg in April 2010 and the country is still continuously attracting billions of foreign investment due to the long mining history, prospective minerals deposits, reasonable taxation, stable government and favorable all year round weather conditions. Furthermore, Ghana is a former British Colony which celebrated its independence in 1957 and has a politically stable business environment with favorable mining laws. Ghana’s has an outstanding reputation of proven gold production and is well known for being one of the largest areas of gold deposits in all of Africa.


Gold business domain - Plot A & B: The Plot A and Plot B totaling 200 acres of alluvial gold mining claims are situated in the well defined and one of the world's most prolific gold belt of the Western Region of Ghana, West Africa known as the Ashanti Gold Belt and is also located in Ghana’s “Golden Triangle”. The Golden Triangle is a proven location where current gold reserves combined with historical gold production amounts to over 168 million ounces. The 100 acres site has excellent access to port and road infrastructures.
















Gold business domain - Plot C: Plot C is a 25 acres of alluvial gold mining claim is also known as “Kumasko Project” situated in the Upper Denkyira District, Bosomase, Ghana, West Africa. Kumasko Project is also neighbor to large-scale miners listed on stock exchanges like ASX and TSX. This Plot C is located near and bordered to the proven gold belt of the Ashanti Region by the Offin River where more than 1.45 million ounces of alluvial gold was historically recovered from the well known Offin river. Hence, alluvial gold prospecting of this 25 acres area will be aided by river access. Kumasko Project has excellent access to port and road infrastructures.


Gold business domain - Plot D1: Plot D1 is the 50 acres of gold mining claim situated approximately 80 kilometres North of Accra in the Kibi-Winneba Basin of the Eastern Region of Ghana under the Kibi-Winneba Gold Belt which exhibits similar geological features with the Ashanti Gold Belt in the Western Region of Ghana. This alluvial gold mining claim is located on the Western side of the prominent Atewa Range in the Kibi-Winneba Gold Belt which is one of the most prospective gold bearing belts in Ghana and the area is underlain mostly by Birimian Supergroup metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of Precambrian age.


The Eastern Region of Ghana has an area of 19,323 square kilometres which is about 8.1 percent of the total land area of Ghana and is the 6th largest region of the country. Alluvial gold deposit in Ghana can be found in most rivers draining the Birimian rocks and they occur in gravels of streams, river flats and old valleys on terraces and in beach and gravel sand. The placers are derived mainly from the primary vein and lode type deposit in the Birimian and alluvial gold prospecting has been concentrated in the Birim, Pra, Jimi, Ankobra, Offin and Fura ricers. Plot D1 is on the Birim river valley where gravels in this area are well known for its alluvial gold content. Plot D1 is also neighbor to some international gold miners.
















Financial Services Domain: El Maniel International Inc announced on 16 February 2011 that the company has entered into a Definitive Agreement with Agona Rural Bank who was represented by its Managing Director, Mr John Ofori Jr under its Rural Community Bank Acquisition Program to acquire 20% stakes of the rural community bank. Agona Rural Bank is headquartered in Agona Kwanyako in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa and Agona Rural Bank brings to the affiliation a large array of banking and investment opportunities as well as a stellar record of earnings and dividends growth.


















Contact Info


    244 5th Ave

    Suite #1896

    New York, NY 10001




    Phone: 212-726-2179






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