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List Of Non DTC Stocks, DTC Chill Stocks & List Of Lifted DTCC Chill

 Video from Mikey explaining the chill trading issue ALL brokers lists are incorrect(Zecco, Mastertrader, Tradingdirect)!!!!!!!! If your broker is using Apex NEED to save this list somewhere!!!!!! this is a compilation of the NON-dtc lists........ If you are using other online brokers that do not clear through Apex Clearing you need to know if the stock you are trading are on this list! List does not include CUSIPS that do not have public notices to them. Your broker should be called for any information on stocks that have no information from the DTCC to the general public. *CS is Custody Service, stocks that have had all services suspended with exception to custody service at the DTC. Securities cannot be made DTCC-eligible or have had their eligibility revoked: CUSIP Symbol Name 01858T107 ACGX ALLIANCE CREATIVE GROUP INC 39589999 ACLEZZ ARCLAND ENERGY CORP 00752Y105 ADCF ADVANCED DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIE 02152D103 ADEC ALTERNATIVE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT 00685L105 ADSU ADEN SOLUTIONS_INC 03462P109 AGEL ANGEL ACQUISITION CORP 05106P601 AGHGYZ AUGRID GLOBAL HOLDING CORP 1597103 ALCDYZ ALCO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES INC 44908994 AMCFZZ ASHTON MINING OF CANADA INC 03834B101 APCX APPTECH CORP 04035Y106 ARAH ARIA INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS 04313Y307 ARTS ARTFEST INERNATIONAL INC 04988D109 AURT ATTUNE RTD 00433Y995 AVERZZ ACCESS VERSALIGN INC 00760V101 AVGG ADVANCED TECH GROUP 00241Q101 AVOP AV1 GROUP INC 2432201 AVVH AVVAA WORLD HEALTH CARE PROD 07557Q203 BBDA BEBIDA BEVERAGE CO 07557Q104 BBDAYZ BEBIDA BEVERAGE CO 07357Q106 BCOEXZ BEACON ENERGY HOLDINGS INC 100567999 BCTS14 BOSTON CAP TAX CR FD 2 LP S.14 100567973 BCTS16 BOSTON CAP TAX CR FD 3 LP S.16 09202T103 BDGR BLACK DRAGON RESOURCE COS INC 05540J104 BFTI BEFUT INTERNATIONAL 90931999 BIDCZZ BIOSPHERE DEVELOPMENT CORP 09062H108 BIEL BIOELECTRONICS CORP 90053109 BILB BILL THE BUTCHER, INC. 57586109 BKUH BAKHU HOLDING CORP 09065C999 BMSNZZ BIO-MATRX SCIENTIFIV GRP 106 88889308 BPWIYZ BIG APPLE WORLDWIDE INC 10526A101 BRNZYZ BRAND NEUE CORP 91939991 BSMIZZ BLACK SEA MINERALS INC_(108) 11615L107 BWNRXZ BROWNSTONE RESOURCES INC 09178V108 BZCN BIZ AUCTIONS INC 20716D104 CFED CONFEDERATE MOTORS INC 141113100 CGNI CARBON GREEN INC 19047P109 COLV COASTAL INTEGRADED SERVICES 16948X108 CPDU CHINA PEDIATRIC PHARMACEUTIC 21750M109 CPRKQ COPPERKING MINING CORP. 130569106 CRPB CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC BANK 16942E106 CRUI CHINA RUTAI INTERNATIONAL 22160A107 CSSI COSTAS INC 221737893 CWRNDZ COTTON AND WESTERN MINING INC 13000F208 CXLTYZ CALIBERT EXPLS LTD 23247M205 CYBLE CYBERLUX CORP 23247M106 CYBLXZ CYBERLUX CORP 26813V103 DNYS DYNASTY LIMOUSINE INC 256596107 DOLV DOLAT VENTURES INC 31679Q107 DYER FIFTH SEASON INTERNATIONAL INC 27031K200 EARH EARTH DRAGON RESOURCES INC 27031K101 EARHXZ EARTH DRAGON RESOURCES INC 276050994 EBIGZZ EASTBRIDGE INVESTMENT GROUP 27887U104 ECCI ECOLOCLEAN INDUSTRIES INC. 29256R100 ECMHXZ ENCOMPASS HOLDINGS INC 27890B101 ECOHXZ ECOCHILD INC. 282812999 ECPNDZ EL CAPITAN PRECIOUS METALS INC 281372102 EDWYXZ EDOORWAYS CORPORATION 28251Q109 EIGH 8000 INC 98584K103 ELRE YINFU GOLD CORP 28618P109 ELREXZ ELEMENT92 RESOURCES CORP 29078T995 EMXCDZ EMAX HOLDINGS CORP 29257K104 ENCB ENCORE BRANDS INC 29428W102 EPDS EPOD_SOLAR INC 268811106 EPGL EP GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS INC 28619D105 EPROXZ ELEMENTAL PROTECTIVE COATING 29089B991 ESDIZZ EMERGENCY DISASTER SYSTEMS INC 27922P201 ESYR ECOSYSTEM CORP 289327108 ETGSXZ ELM TECHNOLOGIES INC 30049F205 EVFN EVOLUTION FUELS INC 30050K101 EVLN EVOLUTION RESOURCES 29414E306 EVXAYY ENVIROEXTRACT INC 30216E106 EXPH EXPO HOLDING INC 353879109 FMNJ FRANKLIN MINING INC 34459U504 FNXC FONIX CORP 358341998 FRZRRT FREZER INC RESTRICTED 38982Q997 GAMNZZ GREAT AMERICAN FOOD CHAIN INC 37251R207 GBOE GEOBIO ENERGY INC 37251R108 GBOEXZ GEOBIO ENERGY 38078N106 GDAR THE GOLDEN AGE RESOURCE 361574106 GDTK GDT TEK INC 39571U100 GERSXZ GREENSHIFT CORP. 398163105 GFCI GRIFCO INC 37950D103 GGMC GLOBAL GATEWAY MEDIA & COMMU 37518A104 GIGL GIGGLES N'HUGS INC 38210N105 GLCC GOOD LIFE CHINA CORP 04915Y929 GOTCOR ATLANTIS TECH GR/GLOBAL ONLINE 04915Y986 GOTCZZ ATLANTIS TECH/TELLY TUBE RSTD 39540P208 GRWWXZ GREENS WORLDWIDE INC 411505993 HBWOZZ HARBOR BREWING CO 422246306 HEME HEALTHMED SVCS LTD 42223A100 HESG HEALTH SCIENCES GROUP INC 41988P104 HHGI HAWAIIAN HOSPITALITY GROUP I 423617109 HMGP HEMI ENERGY GROUP INC 44485L105 HMNU HUMAN UNITEC INTL INC 422463109 HRNF HEATHROW NATURAL FOOD 41164A103 HTDS HARD TO TREAT DISEASES INC 419018106 HTHXF HATHOR EXPLORATION LTD 443305107 HUAZ HUA YE GAS GROUP HOLDING CO 444722102 HUIY HUI YING TECHNOLOGY & MEDIA 44914B108 HYRRE HYPERERA INC 46062P995 IARYZZ INTERNETARRAY INC 45577R108 IDCN INDOCAN RESOURCES INC 45662H106 IFHRYZ INFE HUMAN RESOURCES INC 45684G508 IGNT INGEN TECHNOLOGIES INC 45684G409 IGNTXZ INGEN TECHNOLOGIES INC 85529C106 IMNS STAR8 CORP 44973X108 IMWL IMUSIC WOLRDWIDE INC 45776H992 INCAZZ INSTACARE CORP 46018A100 IPWG INTERNATIONAL POWER GROUP LT 477584106 JINZ JIN EN INTL GROUP HOLDING CO 481905875 JUNP JUNIPER GROUP INC 55660B100 KHZM MADISON AVE MEDIA INC 482897105 KHZMXZ KAHZAM INC 52323R200 LCRE LECERE CORP 52323R101 LCREXZ LECERE CORP 515097103 LDSR LANDSTAR INC 53223L103 LGMH LIGHT MEDIA HOLDINS INC 53224T105 LLTP LIGHTLAKE THERAPEUTICS INC 51508G104 LNDG LANDMARK ENERGY ENTERPRISES 66705M100 MDIN NORTHSTAR GLOBAL BUSINESS SERV 56824A202 MEXP MARINE EXPLORATION INC 56824A103 MEXPYY MARINE EXPLORATION INCDE FD 11 60249A102 MIMV MIMVI INC 56154R205 MMTE MAMMOTH ENERGY GROUP INC 607697307 MODC MODERN TECHNOLOGY 55376F106 MSHI MSTI HOLDINGS INC 628299109 MUTM MUTUAL MERCHANT SERVICE INC 62847C100 MVBY MY VINTAGE BABY INC 577747991 MXMIZZ MAX MEDIA GROUP INC 641872106 NECA NEW AMERICA ENERGY CORP 640449104 NMOC NEMO MOTORS CORP 64112B106 NTLK NET TALK.COM INC 67057N985 NUOA85 NUOASIS LAS VEGAS INC 67090R993 NVLXZZ NUVILEX INC 65336B608 NXHD NEXIA HOLDINGS 68216L100 OMBP OMNI BIO PHARMACEUTICAL INC 682323100 ONBIXZ ONE BIO CORP 683979207 OPTL OPTIMUM INTERACTIVE (USA) LTD 67524P993 ORRVZZ OCEANIC RESEARCH & RECOVERERY 68232J105 OVIT ONCOVISTA INNOVATION THERAPIES C71800103 PANAMW PAN AMERIC REG WT 120714 74047B105 PBBAPF PREMIER BUSINESS BANK 69900Q884 PDMI PARADIGM MEDICAL INDUSTRIES 70532V101 PDPRXZ PEDIATRIC PROSTHETICS INC. 713365302 PEPR PEPPER ROCK RESOURCES CORP 713365203 PEPRXZ PEPPER ROCK RESOURCES CORP 714150109 PERL PERLA GROUP INTERNATIONAL IN 740286109 PRMDA PRECISION MEDICAL DEVICES 742354103 PSGY PRINCETON SECURITY TECH INC 71942A109 PVSOXZ PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR CELLS INC 74732Q201 QEDNXZ QED CONNECT INC 74732N992 QENEZZ QENEX COMMUNICATIONS RESTRICED 76155E102 RNRG REVONERGY INC 814124103 SBBC SECURITY BUSINESS BANCORP 81284L209 SBRH SEBASTIAN RIVER HOLDING INC 81688L102 SCAY SENECA-CAYUGA BANCORP INC 814259305 SCFR SECURITY FIRST INTERNATIONAL 82668Y106 SDVI SIGNATURE DEVICES INC 84918P984 SENZZZ SPORTS ENDURANCE INC 812815504 SEVA SEAWAY VALLEY CAPITAL CORP 86737J107 SGMZXZ SUNGAME CORP 83082V504 SKGO SKYBRIDGE WIRELESS INC 83082Y102 SKYF SKY440 INC 843642109 SPLN SOUTHERN PLAINS OIL CORP 786498204 SSHS SAFEGUARD SECURITY HOLDINGS IN 759955990 STARGP REP RETAIL E-PROMOTION 854930104 STAU STAR NUTRITION INC 78484X108 STWS STW RESOURCES HOLDING CORP 84521U107 SWRS SOUTHWEST RESOURCES INC 87157L200 SYNJ SYNDICATION INC 87157L994 SYNJZZ SYNDICATION INC_DO NOT USE 87157L895 SYNZZZ SYNDICATION INC 878342104 TECM TECHMEDIA ADVERTISING INC 885803304 THRR THRESHER INDUSTRIES INC 89786Q105 TSAN TRUESPORT ALLIANCES & ENTERTAI 88165C109 TTRXQ TETRAGENEX PHARMS INC 92823W408 VRNIYZ VIROGEN INC 92643X990 VYEYZZ VICTORY ENERGY CORP 92855W102 VYON VIYYA TECHNOLOGIES INC. 98137C103 WDIS WORDSMITH MEDIA, INC. 982557985 WRITDZ WRITER'S GROUP FILM CORP 950408203 WTKN WELLTEK INC 950408104 WTKNXZ WELLTEK INC 98583A106 YESD YESDTC HOLDINGS INC 98959R105 ZCPRFZ ZINCCORP RESOURCES INC 989829106 ZRVT ZURVITA HOLDINGS INC 45170U409 INIX INFINIX CORP 849109103 SPNGQ SPONGETECH DELIVERY SYSTEMS 00754V109 ADOT Advanced Optics Electronics 55970P203 MDOR Magnum d’Or Resources Inc 21750M109 CPRKQ Copper King Mining Corp 863095105 STCO Stratocomm Corp 141335109 CICS Carbonics Capital Corporation 91103U108 UMMG United Music and Media Group 08265R103 BESR Bentley Sports, Inc. 284683208 EDEP Eldorado Exploration, 40430N204 HSTH HS3 Technologies 88342Q203 THRA Therma-Med, Inc. 925606105 VCAN Vican Resources, Inc. 987536109 YNGR Younger America, Inc. 05106P700 AGHD Augrid Global Holdings 20029N104 CMCJ ComCam International, Inc. 25688M107 DPDM Dolphin Digital Media, Inc. 32037L103 FGBF 1st Global Financial, Inc. 59508G305 MCHU Microholdings US, Inc. 69006T105 OTFT Outfront Companies 78127A309 RUDN Rudy Nutrition 87151H106 SYMBA Symbollon Pharmaceutical 98975T101 ZIPG ZipGlobal Holdings, Inc. 292481108 ENTS Enablets Incorporated 132133109 CAMS Cambrian Systems Inc. 74163K103 PSGI Prime Star Group, 893775205 TAMGD Transnational Automotive Group 62472C102 XDSL MPHASE Technologies 881608103 TSNP TESORO Enterprises 40131V109 GRDO Guard Dog Inc Common Voting Stk The following Securities have had the DTCC Chill “LIFTED” and or their DTC services “RESUMED”: 05459Q883 Artistmss International Group (Formerly AGIJ Axia Group).........AIGI 25688M107 Dolphin Digital Media, Inc…. DPDM 449399104 IDO Security, Inc.…IDOI 638691105 Native American Energy Group Inc….. NAGP…Prior GL 67107C104 O2 Secure Wireless, Inc........OTOW 826479107 Sierra Resource Group, Inc.......SIRG 141335109 Carbonics Captial Corporation ….. CICS….Prior GL 023610207/894117100 Altitude Organic Corp., TRANZBYTE Corp.....ERBB 69353D109 PPJ Enterprise…PPJE 28224E209 EFuel Corporation......EFLN… Prior GL… ***WITH EXCEPTION TO DEPOSITS 32037L103 1st Global Financial, Corp...........FGBF…. Prior GL 761379106 Revenge Designs, Inc. ……..Prior GL 003865102 ABSOLUTEFUTURE.COM…AFTI … Prior GL 05106P700 AuGRID Global Holdings Corp. ….. AGHD …Prior GL 08520E103 BERMAN CENTER, INC.…BRMC…Prior GL 169364106 China Adnet Enterprises…CAEJ.. Prior GL 20029N104 ComCam International, Inc............CMCJ…Prior GL 256647108 Doll Technologies…DTGP….Prior GL 37364Q104 Geotec Inc.…GETC…Prior GL 45775F104 Innolife Pharma Inc.…INNP ….Prior GL 47188V205 JAVA DETOUR, INC.…JVDTQ….Prior GL 48254P106 KMA Holdings F/K/A.. 554187104 Macada Holding, Inc.…MCDA…Prior GL 50115V108 KSW Industries, Inc…KSWJ…Prior GL 527299101 Level Vision Electronics LTD.…LVLV….Prior GL 53184V108 Life Exchange Inc.…LFXG…Prior GL 54141Y102 LOGISTICAL SUPPORT INC…LGSL…Prior GL 54569N109 Lotta Coal Inc.…LCOL….Prior GL 559071204 Magellan Energy…MGLG….Prior GL 568093108 Marinas International Inc.…MNSI …Prior GL 59508G305 Microholdings US, Inc...........MCHU…Prior GL 607587409 Modern Energy Corp.…MDRG…Prior GL 69006T105 Outfront Companies...........OTFT…Prior GL 73035T102 Pocketop Corporation…..PKTO…Prior GL 74161T106 PRIMEGEN ENERGY CORP…PGNE…Prior GL 74266D303 Pro Elite, Inc.…PELE….Prior GL 75583Q109 Real American Brands/Capital Inc.....RLAB..Prior GL 83420E107 Solei Systems, Inc.…SOLI…Prior GL 87151H106 Symbollon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.....SYMBA..Prior GL 893775205 Transnational Automotive Group Inc. (TAMG)..Prior GL 902658103 UDS Group Inc.…UDSG…Prior GL 91103U108 United Music & Media Group Inc......UMMG..Prior GL 91688L200 Uptrend Corporation…UPCP…Prior GL 91021P207 United Enviro Energy Corp.…UTEM ..Prior GL 92909T204 VSheild Software Corp.…VSHE..Prior GL 92922N101 WAMEX Holdings… Prior GL 98148A203 World Hockey Association…WHKA..Prior GL 929367100 WW Energy Inc.…WWNG…Prior GL 998975T101 ZipGlobal Holdings, Inc.....ZIPG..Prior GL

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